Doctor Sharp’s latest book The Insight Cure helps readers to discover their personal narrative by using a simple and accessible approach to rewrite their stories and transform their lives. Through the use of exercises, quizzes, exploration of case studies, and clear guidance, Dr. Sharp examines how stories inform our lives, our decisions, and our ways of thinking — down to the wiring of our brains.

In his latest release, renowned psychiatrist and professor at Harvard Medical School John Sharp, M.D. offers an eight-step process to help readers discover their unconscious narrative and use their new insight to eradicate the “false truth” that has been at the core of self-sabotage. His unique approach integrates four core domains of applied psychology — control mastery theory, attachment theory, narrative therapy, and positive psychology — with his own research and professional experience to construct an insightful and soul-searching path to insight.

He has also written The Emotional Calendar: Understanding Seasonal Influences and Milestones to Become Happier, More Fulfilled, and in Control of Your Life (Times Books, 2011). With stories culled from neurobiology, psychiatry, literature, myth, and personal narratives, Doctor Sharp explains how seasonal cycles influence people’s psyches and moods, and how we can use this information to prevent predictable suffering and enable a greater appreciation and enjoyment of life’s pleasures. The Emotional Calendar has been translated into five languages and is published worldwide.

The Insight CureThe Insight Cure
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