Doctor John Sharp is an internationally acclaimed physician, board-certified psychiatrist, clinical leader, teacher and author with over 25 years’ clinical experience.


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A board-certified psychiatrist for over 25 years treating patients and their families facing a broad spectrum of mental health issues.

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On faculty at Harvard Medical School, Doctor Sharp has been teaching first and second year students how to make their initial interactions with patients more meaningful for over a decade.

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Doctor Sharp has written The Emotional Calendar, an internationally successful book examining how seasonal cycles of the calendar year influences individuals' psyches and moods.

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Dr. John Sharp


Westwood Medical Plaza
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1101 Beacon Street, Suite 3 East
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Telephone: (617) 277-0510
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The Insight Cure

Dr. John Sharp's latest book The Insight Cure offers an eight-step process that helps readers discover their own unconscious narrative as well as ways to use this insight to eradicate the “false truth” that has been at the core of their inadvertent self-sabotage.